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Are instructional videos worthwhile?

Why Purchase an Art Instruction Video?

If you are a budding artist or you just want to hone your craft, taking art lessons is a great idea to assist you in this. However, if you are like many other people, you will find that private art lessons can be a bit budget busting. That is why art instruction videos and DVD's are so great. You can purchase an art instruction video for a reasonable price and have your own private art lesson in your own home for a lot less money!

How do I paint clouds and trees?

Want to Learn to Paint Trees and Clouds?

Everyone has seen the man with bushy hair and sweet demeanor painting clouds and trees on television. Bob Ross hosted the show The Joy of Painting of which many people have seen. Unfortunately, Bob passed away in 1995, but his talent lives on through numerous DVD's and video how-to-paint series. Bob will lead you step-by-step through how to paint mountains, trees, clouds, and various painting joys that he loved so much. If you want to learn to paint nature, try Bob's how-to series.

How good are the artizts on instructional art videos?

Who's That Instructor?

If you are thinking of purchasing an art video that helps you learn how to do a certain technique, you can expect to find the following popular instructors on your video or DVD: Art with Joy is a popular kid's instructional video set for budding artists. This video series teaches children to believe in themselves while learning several artistic techniques. David Embry is a popular choice for art videos for those who want to learn about watercolors. Charles Wyatt (BA) can show you his technique on oil and pastel painting. Whatever medium you choose, there is bound to be an art instruction video for you!

What type of artists could benefit from drawing videos?

How To Draw Instructional Videos

If you are looking to learn how to draw or sketch you can do so by watching a DVD or video. There are several different how to draw instructional videos available for you to choose from. You can do an Internet search for “how to draw instructional videos” to find several to choose from. There are also how to draw tutorials available, many for free, online. Try doing an Internet search for that type of tutorial to see what pops up for you!

How do I choose an instructional video?

Which Art Instruction Video is Right for You?

With so many different artistic mediums available today and so many art instruction videos out there, you probably are a bit overwhelmed on which instructional video is right for you. Before you choose a video and a medium, try thinking about what types of art you wish to create. You may even want to brainstorm the things you wish to paint or draw and the colors you wish to use to create these paintings or drawings. Write them all down on paper. After doing that, do some research and find out what medium is best with what you want to draw. If you want to paint brightly colored flowers, then you will want to use a medium known for its bright colors. Once you have this narrowed down you can decide exactly what type of video you need to watch in order to learn about the medium you selected.

How can art therapy benifit my child?

Art Therapy Through Paint

Art therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way for children to express their fears through drawing. This type of therapy is beneficial, especially to younger children who may not be able to find the words to share what may have been an extremely personal or scary happening in their life. For a long time art therapy consisted of the child drawing or coloring on paper their feelings. Now, painting is becoming a popular alternative to drawing out feelings. Many children love to paint and often times when given a paintbrush, they feel free and able to draw whatever they choose. Often times in art therapy, painting is yet another form of freeing that child to express himself and share thoughts.

Where can I learn to paint with acrylics?

Learn Art Through a Book

As mentioned in a previous tip there are art videos out there that can teach you how to paint or draw by watching a video. Did you know that there are also art books that you can either purchase or check out at the library that will teach you how to do different artistic mediums? There are plenty of books available to you those who are just starting out or for those who just want to learn new ideas. By simply reading a book on watercolors, acrylics, or oil painting, you can learn how to use the proper techniques for creating the best artistic piece you can!

Are there art history videos?

Let's Talk Art Action and Adventure!

You don't always have to purchase an art video that shows you how to do something. Instead, if you really enjoy art and you enjoy learning about art history, why not giving yourself a treat? Try watching an art video that tells a story of art throughout history or gives you information about your favorite artist in history? Sometimes just getting caught up in an art history adventure can get your creative juices flowing more than watching a how-to video would.

How can art therapy benifit my child?

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a field of psychology that uses art materials and processes as a therapeutic intervention to aid in emotional healing. Art therapy can involve a variety of art materials, including 2-D drawing materials, and 3-D sculptural materials such as clay. In general, the art therapist does not interpret the client’s artwork. Instead, the therapist works with the client to help him or her discover which personal meanings can be found in the artwork. This type of psychotherapy is effective within all age groups, including adults, adolescents, and children. The efficacy of art therapy interventions has been demonstrated with many populations, including cancer patients and people with trauma histories. Art therapists in the United States have master’s degrees, and many of them also hold the national ATR (Art Therapist Registered) credential or board certification from the Art Therapy Credentials Board. Some art therapists with a dual education in counseling and art therapy are also licensed in their home state as a professional counselor or social worker.

Why would I use an art video guide?

Why Choose Art Videos to Learn

As you have read, you can learn art through watching a video in the privacy of your own home. Besides being cheaper than taking a private art lesson, you have some flexibility with using an art video to learn painting or drawing. If you get distracted during your video viewing, you can simply pause or stop the video and return to it later. If you want to see a technique again or if you don't quite grasp what is being shown to you in the video, you can rewind it and watch it as many times as needed until you grasp the concept. This benefit is one that private lessons simply can't offer.

What is painting?

Lighting is Everything

Painting is a wonderful outlet of expression for artists and those who just wish to try their hand at it. One important thing to remember when painting: always have the proper lighting. Proper lighting ensures that you will have a painting that is not too dark or too light. Try purchasing lamps that will light up your work area to perfection.

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