What is Art Therapy?

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How can art therapy benifit my child?

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a field of psychology that uses art materials and processes as a therapeutic intervention to aid in emotional healing. Art therapy can involve a variety of art materials, including 2-D drawing materials, and 3-D sculptural materials such as clay. In general, the art therapist does not interpret the client’s artwork. Instead, the therapist works with the client to help him or her discover which personal meanings can be found in the artwork. This type of psychotherapy is effective within all age groups, including adults, adolescents, and children. The efficacy of art therapy interventions has been demonstrated with many populations, including cancer patients and people with trauma histories. Art therapists in the United States have master’s degrees, and many of them also hold the national ATR (Art Therapist Registered) credential or board certification from the Art Therapy Credentials Board. Some art therapists with a dual education in counseling and art therapy are also licensed in their home state as a professional counselor or social worker.



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