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What kinds of art supplies make good gifts?

Art Supplies: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do you know an artist or a budding artist? Are you wishing to purchase him some art supplies as a gift? If so, purchasing art supplies for an artist is a wonderful idea. The majority of artists purchase their own supplies, which can really get expensive. Giving an artist some supplies that he needs is a great gift. One thing to really keep in mind is that most artists have specific preferences on brands of supplies that they use. If you don't know specifically which he or she prefers, try to find out without giving away your gift. Another great idea would be to give your artist friend a gift certificate to the store in which he or she purchases his supplies. This way your friend or loved one can choose his own supplies or accessories and ensure that he gets exactly what he needs.

What are painting knives used for?

Painting With a Knife?

Did you know that you could paint your artwork by using a knife? Well, you surely can! Of course, this isn't a knife you would find just lying around in your kitchen, but instead it is a tool used especially made for painting. A painting knife works differently than a paintbrush and produces a completely different effect than a regular brush. A paint knife makes a different texture than with a paintbrush and is quite a cool tool for painting. You can pick one up at an art supply store or look on the Internet for places that sell them.

What supplies should I keep in my art box?

How Do I Cut My Mat?

One tool every artist should have handy is a mat cutter. A mat cutter allows you to cut a mat to surround your artwork before framing. You can purchase pre-cut mats at art stores and craft stores, but many artists prefer to cut their own mats before framing their work. A mat cutter is an essential tool to have because it allows you cut the mat of your choice to the size of your choice, thus allowing for your own personal touches to be displayed in your mat and frame!

Which medium should I choose?

Who Typically Paints With What?

Not every type of medium is made for everyone. There are people who use specific types of mediums more than other types of mediums. So, who uses what type of medium the most? People who wish to create an image that is more refined generally choose to use charcoal for their artwork. Children typically paint with watercolors, although adults do have fun with them too! Acrylic paints are often used by people who can't or who don't want to wait a long time for their paint to dry while creating their masterpiece.

What are the benefits of buying art supplies online?

Your Online Art Needs

If you are searching for the best price possible on art supplies, one great way to get an idea as to who has the best price on what you need, is to look on the Internet. As you well know, you can find virtually anything online these days, and this applies to art supplies as well. If you do an Internet search for, “art supplies” you will find several different sites, many from major art supply stores, in which you can do some bargain shopping. This type of Internet browsing allows you to see which store has the best deals on what you need. Often times, the Internet has better deals than most art supply stores, so you may even want to order your items off the Internet to get the best price!

Are quality art supplies really any better?

You Get What You Pay For in Art Supplies

As with most things one purchases, the higher priced an object is, the better quality it usually is. This is no different with art supplies. The better quality art supplies are those that are priced higher. If you want to paint artwork that looks good and is of good quality, most artists and professionals will recommend spending a few extra dollars to get better quality items. Many times you can find higher priced items on sale, if so, purchase as much as you can afford to save yourself money. You can also peruse the Internet to see what online stores may be offering for specials. You can usually find a deal on the Internet.

Why should I use an art box?

Where Should I Store My Tools?

If you paint or draw or do anything artistic you probably know that you need a ton of supplies and tools to work on your craft. The problem many people face is they just aren't sure where to store their tools and paints. An art box can help! An art box allows you to store almost every tool you use, the paper you use and the paint you use all in one place. Not only does this help with an easier clean up, you also should know where all of your supplies are- in your art box!

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