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What's in a watercolor pencil set?

How To Watercolor Sets or Guides

If you are interested in learning how to paint with watercolors, why not purchase a watercolor set? Not only will a watercolor set come with everything you will need to create your watercolor pencil masterpiece it will also come with a guide on how to use the sets. Try looking for a watercolor pencil set at your local art supply store.

What is a simple, mess free art supply option?

Why Use Color Pencils?

Color pencils are a wonderful medium for any artist. Very popular for use by children, and their parents, because they are not messy and can be easily cleaned up. Color pencils are also a popular medium because you can choose to color lightly or darker with them. You can also use colored pencils along with a painting if you are doing a watercolor; they blend very well.

What is drawing?

What's Up With Drawing?

Anyone can draw, from very small children to the elderly. It is a fun activity to participate in no matter your skill level. What is so great about drawing is that besides being fun and requiring very little skill, is that you can draw with just about anything. Pick up a pencil, a pen, a crayon, a marker, a piece of chalk, or even a piece of charcoal and you can draw! Drawing doesn't require a lot of money nor does it make much of a mess, drawing is a very versatile form of entertainment for any age!

Who uses pencil sets?

Colored Pencil Sets

Colored pencils can also come in sets, which can make a great gift for an artist in your life. What is so great about colored pencil sets is that they allow for so many choices. Colored pencil sets can come in all shapes, sizes and colors. These sets allow for endless opportunities for creating beautiful works of art!

What are watercolor pencils?

Watercolors in a Pencil?

A watercolor pencil is a pretty cool artist tool. A watercolor pencil is a cross between a color pencil and watercolor painting. It looks like a colored pencil and you use it as one. However, if you take a wet brush and run it over your water colored art drawing, the drawing turns into a watercolor wash.

Why do artists sketch?

What is a Sketching Set?

Many artists sketch their paintings or drawings out before hand. It is kind of like a writer brainstorming ideas on paper before getting down to the actual writing. Artist sketches are not something that are typically finished by the artist and usually are not shown to anyone. A sketch set is something an artist can use that keeps all of his sketching tools in one convenient place for storage.

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