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What is an airbrush?

History of the Airbrush

An airbrush is pretty much what it sounds like. In 1879 a man with the last name of Peeler created the first airbrush. The original airbrush was shaped more like a gun that was used to put paint on walls, etc. In 1893 Charles Burdick created an airbrush that had a more modern feel to it. Shaped more like a pen and looks very similar to airbrushes used today.

what kind of airbrushes are there?

Why Use an Airbrush?

People who use an airbrush in their line of work do so for a very specific reason: it makes their work much easier and quicker! Not only does it apply paint or other substances in an even manner, it also allows for the person to make shades of colors very easily. Airbrushes are easy to travel with and can be very compact, which allows for very little space being taken up when working.

How does an airbrush work?

How Does an Airbrush Work?

Have you looked at an airbrush and wondered, “How does that thing work?” Well, you aren't alone. Airbrushes are a bit more complicated to describe in how it gets the paint to shoot out of the tool. Essentially, an airbrush works because air moves through it extremely fast, which allows for a suction to be created and thus paint is pushed out due to these circumstances. When the paint is traveling through the airbrush, it mixes with air and then shoots out in very minute drops onto the surface that is being painted.

What is air brushing?

Who Uses Airbrushing?

Airbrushing is a technique that has been coming into its own in recent years. Airbrushing is very popular with makeup artists, nail technicians and even graphic artists. If you visit any of these types of occupations you work in any of the above fields, then you may already be using air brushing to create beautiful results on or for your clients.

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