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How do you care for a spray booth?

How to Keep That Spray Booth Clean

Your spray booth needs cleaning. It is a great tool for the artist because it helps keep them safer from the dangerous chemicals or fumes that come with using the items needed for this type of project. Because many of the items used in a spray booth are flammable, it can be very dangerous to clean your spray booth. Make sure you don't use your spray booth near anything electrical and make sure you follow all directions on your spray booth for proper cleaning.

Do I really need a spray booth?

Do I Really Need a Spray Booth?

Some artists believe that a spray booth isn't a necessity when it comes to spraying with an airbrush. One great way to determine whether or not you need a spray booth is to tie a clean, white rag over your mouth when beginning your spraying. After you have completed your projects for the day, remove your white rag and see what it looks like. The colors on your rag are the colors that you also inhaled throughout the day when you were doing your work. Do you really think a spray booth isn't necessary now?

How do spray booths work?

How a Spray Booth Works

Spray booths are made to do two different types of things. One very important job of a spray booth is to catch any over-spray of the chemicals you are spraying. This means that the spray booth has system of filters that catch the excess spray and filter it appropriately. The other big job of a spray booth is to ensure the person doing the sprayer has the proper ventilation needed to do this. This means that the spray booth must have a system of fans that provide this much-needed ventilation.

When running a business, do I need to follow any regulations?

Using a Spray Booth in a Professional Environment

Many professional art studios have spray booths, these booths are much-needed tools that help keep people safe. However, if you do own or run a studio you need to make sure that your spray booth is allowed without a permit. You must also make sure that the spray booth is up to both the fire code and that OSHA has inspected it and found it meet its requirements.

What is a seamless spray booth?

What is a Seamless Spray Booth?

A seamless spray booth is a booth that artists who spray glaze or anything else that may be toxic or messy use to help cut down on over-spray of the chemicals used. A seamless booth has no seams and this make clean up easier. It is important to keep your booth clean after each use. This is why seamless booths are so special; they cut down on the difficult cleaning that comes with booths that aren't seamless.

What is the best way to make your own paint booth?

Alternatives to Spray Booths

An alternative to purchasing an expensive spray booth is to make your own. Make a list of items that you need. You can use a furnace blower or a large fan. If it's about three feet across and has a belt, it can move a lot of air. You can hang it outside a shop window which puts the motor outside of the fumes. You could find these items at a junkyard or lumber yard. You mount the fan so that it blows into the shop through a filter and creates a pressurized paint booth. This will help keep things cleaner as the air is removed out of the area. This alternative works well. The dust is kept to a minimum and the fumes are not as strong. The area is kept cleaner and the booth is also better.

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