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Where can I find Acrylic paint sets

Why Buy Acrylic Paint Sets?

Acrylic paints are popular with budding artists and with parents of children who love to paint. They are popular because they can be mixed to create the color of your choice and can then be used to paint. Acrylic paint sets are a great idea for those budding artists in your home. These paint sets will come with several different acrylic paint colors for mixing to your satisfaction and should also come with special paper to use your acrylic paint on. There should also be detailed instructions on how to use acrylic paint appropriately. It is a fun way to learn to paint with acrylics!

What are pastel paint sets?

What are Pastel Paint Sets?

Along with oil paint sets there are pastel paint sets. Also on the same line as oil paint sets, pastel paint sets come stocked with items you will need to begin painting with pastels. You should receive items in your pastel paint set that are similar to ones you would receive in an oil paint set. An easel, a special brush and even the pastel paint should be supplied to you in sets like these!

Do I need special brushes to use watercolors?

Do I Need a Watercolor Brush Set?

Watercolor paintbrushes generally have hairs that are longer and absorb more paint than a brush for a different kind of medium. These brushes also have shorter handles when compared to other types of paintbrushes. It is a good idea if you are just starting out with watercolor paint to purchase a watercolor brush set to use. Purchasing a set will allow you to use several different types of watercolor brushes in your first few pieces and will save you money to boot!

What is color pencil art?

What are Colored Pencil Sets?

New Tip Title: A colored pencil set is just a set of colored pencils one may use for artistic purposes. Colored pencil sets are reasonably priced and are usually easy to blend when using for artwork. Colored pencils also are slow to wear down and are often waterproof, making them a fan favorite among young artists. A fancy colored pencil set may even come in a metal tin instead of the flimsy cardboard you so often see in the stores.

Where does graphite come from?

The History of Graphite Pencils

Graphite was first used following a huge graphite discovery in England in 1564. This graphite was found to be a perfect way to write things on paper or something similar. Graphite leaves a darker mark than lead does but it also soft. The original graphite writing tools were actually sticks of graphite that were wrapped with string. Later, graphite was inserted into hollowed out pieces of wood, which was essentially the first wood pencil created!

Is it a good idea to buy an oil paint set?

What are Oil Paint Sets?

Oil paint sets are exactly what they sound like they would be: paint sets that have all you need to begin painting that oil painting you have wanted to do! Oil paint sets should come with an easel to paint on, brushes specially made for painting with an oil paint, a canvas for painting with oil paints, oil paints themselves and a palette in which to place your oil paint. Everything you need should be right within your oil painting kit!

Any suggestions on displaying a painting?

Displaying Your Completed Work

Do you want to show off your work and you just haven't had time to add that finishing touch of a frame? Don't worry; you can still display your work with something called a display easel. A display easel allows you to mount your work on an easel specifically made for showing off what you've got! One great thing about display easels is that you can pick up the easel and move your work from one area to another without any problem. Many people now actually display artwork throughout their homes with the use of a display easel.

What are casein colors?

What are Casein Paints?

Casein is derived from milk. It is a paint that has been around since the early Egyptians first used it as a form of tempera paint. Casein drives evenly which makes it a favorite for those who paint murals. It also dries to a matte finish and resembles the look of an oil-painted canvas when compared to other types of paints that are water-based.

Where can I find paint brush sets?

Why Buy Paint Brush Sets?

Paintbrush sets are a great idea for the budding artist. You wouldn't draw with just one old pencil or one marker would you? No. And you certainly don't want to paint with just one paintbrush. If you are just starting out in the painting world it is a good idea to have a wide assortment of paintbrushes to use. Try purchasing a paintbrush set. These sets will supply you with several paintbrushes in several sizes and shapes to use for your work and allow you to experiment which brush works better on specific mediums.

What is sketching?

What are Sketch Sets?

Sketch sets are a set of items that one would need to begin sketching. Artists often sketch out their thoughts and ideas for a painting or other piece of art before actually painting it. Sketch sets have paper, pencils, colors and other items such as pastels, and charcoal that one would need for sketching purposes. A sketch set is a nice gift to the beginning artist or to someone who may be traveling and might not be able to pack all his sketching supplies.

What supplies should I keep in my art box?

What is a Fine Writing Instrument?

Every artist should keep a fine writing instrument stocked in their art supplies. You can use a fine writing instrument to put your signature on your work of art or you can even use it as an accent on your drawing or painting. You may also choose to use your fine writing instrument to write something special to someone on the back of a piece of art that you have created. Your fine writing instrument choice is entirely up to you, but many artists choose a high quality pen that may have a more expensive price tag when compared with normal pens.

What is watercolor?

Why Use Watercolor Paint Sets?

Watercolor paint sets are similar to oil and pastel color paint sets, but instead of oils or pastels they are stocked with watercolor paint and items needed to paint with watercolors. People who often choose to purchase watercolor paint sets are grade schools and middle schools because watercolor paints are not toxic and are very safe for children to touch, paint with and use in general. In a watercolor paint set you may find a place to mix your paint and refillable pans for painting out of. Watercolor paint sets also make a great gift to young artists who love to paint with watercolors.

Who needs to use an Easel?

Easel's for the Beginning Artist

Every artist who is creating a masterpiece needs an easel in which to do so. This includes the beginning artist. If you have a child just starting out in the art field, there are specially made easels just for children. If you are an adult and you are just starting out in the art field, there are easels made for the beginning or budding artist as well. An easel is important for balancing your work, keeping it at eye level and for keeping you comfortable while you work. An easel set will come with an art easel and all of the other supplies, such as the mediums you want to work with, in one tidy package!

How do I learn to use airbrush paint?

What are Air Brush Sets?

Airbrush sets are a wonderful way to start using the ever-popular airbrush for painting. If you are just learning how to use an airbrush, you may wish to purchase an airbrush set. An airbrush set will come equipped with all the items you need for beginning to airbrush. You will receive your airbrush, several different tips for different application types and other accessories that are necessary when airbrushing. Remember that airbrushes need to be used in an environment that is appropriate for airbrushing and shouldn't be used by children unless under the watchful eye of an experienced adult.

How is drawing charcoal made?

Why Draw With Charcoal?

Charcoal is another unique way to draw on the medium of your choice. Drawing with charcoal produces a rich, dark color when using it for drawing. You can easily blend lines with charcoal and give your work a depth not available with other mediums. Charcoal is a very crumbly medium to use and it smudges very easily. However, charcoal is also very versatile and water can be added to it to give a charcoal wash effect on your work. Charcoal is also now available in other colors besides black.

What are casein paints?

What Can I Paint With Casein Paints?

Casein paints come in bright colors, dry fast and are water-soluble. One first glance and touch you will see that casein paints are very glue-like in their consistency. One great thing about casein paints is that they can be used on many surfaces. You can paint on canvas, wood, paper and even masonite.

Why use color markers for art projects?

Why Use Color Markers?

Color marker sets are great for children working on art projects at home, school or for an art lesson. They are so fabulous because they aren't messy like paint, but still can create vibrant works of art. Color marker sets are wonderful for an artist to have because they come in a wide array of colors, are made with a water-soluble material and can also be purchased for adults with several tip choices on them.

What are the benefits of an art set?

Why Purchase Art Sets?

Many people choose to purchase art sets over purchasing individual items for each type of medium they are using for their art. Art sets are economical ways to purchase all the supplies you will need for one specific project or for trying something new. Art sets are a great way for someone who is just trying a new medium for the first time. It allows for the use of experimentation without spending a ton of money to do so. Art sets are also great for seasoned art veterans who just wish to add more to their art supplies.

Where can I find paint sets for beginners?

Whom Uses Beginners Paint Sets?

If you are just starting out painting or have a child who is just starting out painting a beginner's paint set may be suitable for you or your child to use. A beginner's paint set will come equipped with paintbrushes, different paint mediums, a specific paper or canvas in which to paint on and even other tools for use in your painting. A beginner's paint set is both a money saver and a time saver because all of your necessary tools are in one container ready to use!

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