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What is poster paint?

What are Poster Paint Sets?

If your child wants to start channeling his or her inner poster artist, you may want to look into purchasing a poster paint set for him to use. Poster paint sets are a great way to start your child out on the art of poster painting. These sets are water-soluble and can be mixed with water for creating thinner paint. These sets should come with everything you need to get your child started on painting posters.

What is poster paints?

What are Poster Paints?

Does your child attend school? If so, you have most likely heard of poster paints. Poster paints are specially designed for people to use on poster or collage projects. Poster paints come in a huge array or colors and choices for the person making the poster to choose from. If your child has a poster project or another school project that requires large amounts of paint for posters, signs or something similar, try looking for poster paints to complete this assignment.

What are art markers?

What are Art Markers

Art markers are just what they seem to be- markers for adults or children. Art markers made for children come in water-soluble colors and can be easily washed or cleaned up. Art markers for adults come in permanent colors and can have multiple tips for the artist to use on his work. Art markers a fun alternative to using crayons, colored pencils, or even another form of drawing utensil for making art projects.

What is Collage art?

What is a Collage?

Collages are a wonderful way for artists to express themselves. A collage is a group of items or artistic materials that are glued onto a surface such as a canvas or a piece of paper. You may have a child that comes home from school with a collage as an art project, or you may enjoy doing collages as a form of a craft. Collages can also be artistic designs; it all depends on how you make the collage, the technique you use and how you apply your collage to your surface. Collages are very versatile pieces of art and really, it all comes down to what is being expressed in the art of the collage.

What are paint aerosols used for?

What are Aerosol Paints?

If you are working on a poster project which requires the poster to take on a sprayed effect then aerosol paints may be the right choice for you to use in your endeavor. Your poster may even look bit look a graffiti artist got his hands on it. Just remember that aerosol paints are not good for children to be around and thus, precautions should be taken when applying.

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