What is a Collage?

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What is Collage art?

What is a Collage?

Collages are a wonderful way for artists to express themselves. A collage is a group of items or artistic materials that are glued onto a surface such as a canvas or a piece of paper. You may have a child that comes home from school with a collage as an art project, or you may enjoy doing collages as a form of a craft. Collages can also be artistic designs; it all depends on how you make the collage, the technique you use and how you apply your collage to your surface. Collages are very versatile pieces of art and really, it all comes down to what is being expressed in the art of the collage.



3/22/2009 3:39:37 PM
Heather said:

i myself, love collages! theyre fun and fun to look at.


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