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What is overglaze?

Why Overglaze?

Overglaze is used to make a piece of pottery shine and catch someone's eye. It allows pottery to become a piece of art, making it truly beautiful. Applying overglaze can be dangerous due to the chemicals involved in the process. It is important to apply it appropriately and with the proper precautions. Your pottery piece won't be complete, or truly considered a work of art, until you have completed the overglaze process.

How do I apply Gold Luster Overglaze?

What is Overglaze?

Overglaze is a term that is used when making pottery. Overglaze is actually the outer layer or coat of glaze that is painted on last over pottery. It refers to the group of colors, either lusters or metallics that are applied to a surface that has already been glazed and fired once before. After the overglaze is applied, it is then fired to a temperature that is much lower than the first time it was glaze fired.

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