Which Art Instruction Video is Right for You?

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How do I choose an instructional video?

Which Art Instruction Video is Right for You?

With so many different artistic mediums available today and so many art instruction videos out there, you probably are a bit overwhelmed on which instructional video is right for you. Before you choose a video and a medium, try thinking about what types of art you wish to create. You may even want to brainstorm the things you wish to paint or draw and the colors you wish to use to create these paintings or drawings. Write them all down on paper. After doing that, do some research and find out what medium is best with what you want to draw. If you want to paint brightly colored flowers, then you will want to use a medium known for its bright colors. Once you have this narrowed down you can decide exactly what type of video you need to watch in order to learn about the medium you selected.



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