Artist Brush Bristle Choices

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What are the characteristics of the different types of brushes?

Artist Brush Bristle Choices

Artists have a wide array of choices for what bristle type they want on their paintbrushes. You can buy a paintbrush made with camel hair. Camel hair bristles don't actually come from a camel however. Camel hair paintbrushes are actually made with leftover hair from other types of brushes. Way to recycle, art industry! Camel hair paintbrushes are one of the most popular types of paintbrush bristle on the market today. Another type of hair available on paintbrushes is squirrel hair. This type of brush will hold your paint in it for long amounts of time and will create a paint job that is very concise and smooth looking. You can also purchase paintbrushes made from the hair of an ox, a pig's ear and a goat. All these types of hair will create a different result when compared to the other. Sable brushes are a very popular choice in brushes today. They are considered quite strong and make wonderful marks as you use them. It all comes down to what you prefer to use as an artist.



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