The Best Pallets for Acrylic Paints

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What kind of pallet do I need for acrylic paints?

The Best Pallets for Acrylic Paints

As romantic as an old-style, wooden artist pallet may seem, it is not practical for serious acrylic artists. A good pallet for acrylic paints needs to do three very practical things: give you space to work, preserve your custom paint mixtures until your project is finished, and keep your paints moist and workable.

The best pallet for all three of these jobs is a large, covered pallet with a sponge, an acrylic-paper liner and a tight-fitting lid. The large size gives you plenty of space to mix colors. The sponge and lid keep your paints wet, allowing you to work on a project for weeks without fear of your paints drying up. The acrylic paper gives you a stable work surface that allows the paint to draw moisture from the sponge without becoming overly soggy.



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