Can I Stretch My Own Canvas?

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Why do some artists stretch their own canvas?

Can I Stretch My Own Canvas?

Many artists stretch their own canvases before painting. Not only does it save them a ton of money; it allows the artist freedom to stretch to the size they want. There are couple of things you want to remember when stretching your own canvas. First you want to figure out how large you want your stretched canvas to be in the end. This will determine how much weight the canvas you choose to use should have. After that you will need to use stretcher bars and build a frame to stretch your canvas around. Make sure you have your frame square, especially if you are going to frame your canvas after painting. Make sure you do not stretch your canvas too tightly, which can cause problems when painting on it. Stretching your own canvas is possible, it just requires a bit of work and knowledge. Many sites on the Internet can walk you through this process step by step.



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